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Poster: susandoran Date: Apr 8, 2013 12:20am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Dec 4, 1969, Fillmore West show - Rock Scully Intro about Altamont (mentions Sam Cutler)

Dear Arbuthnot,

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to my post.

That's a great idea. I will look into contacting the "vault keeper," David Lemieux. Perhaps I'll also post over at deadnet. Until I heard the snippet of Rock Scully mentioning that Sam Cutler had just made a detailed announcement about the upcoming Altamont concert, I honestly had never mused on whether stage announcements were part of Grateful Dead show recordings. I've not noticed them in listening to shows myself, over the years, but never thought that they may have happened but someone edited them out.

I don't know enough about Owsley's modus operandi, whether Owsley would have also been recording the other bands on the bill that night...Humble Pie, I believe, went on right before the Dead...and therefore whether somewhere a recording of the entire evening exists, from beginning to end, including with stage announcements. So, I may look into that.

I don't even know whether "master reels" [that you mentioned may or may not be in the vaults] means here only the portion of a show featuring the Dead, or whether "master reels" means the entire 12/4/1969 Fillmore show. I would think it would mean the former. But I'll ask and find out.

Thanks for your words on "The Night Before Altamont" documentary. It'll be on the web, for sure, in some form, when completed. There is so much great material (interviews, stories), and only a small fraction will make it into the completed piece, so I will post the piece, as well as ancillary materials that may be of interest to people. I will absolutely post a link here. Thank you for mentioning that :)

As to Black Cab's Altamont work...I stumbled over them on youtube when searching for material I hadn't seen or heard elsewhere. Super interesting, and indeed evocative of that which was Altamont! Thank you for suggesting it, and the piece from "Jesus East" that features Sam Cutler - now *that* I had not heard before. Very cool.

Thanks again for your helpful reply - best wishes,